Specialty Bars

The Platinum Level features a collection of premium beverage stands designed to fit the mood and spirit of each event. These specialty bars serve a unique selection of offerings exclusively for the Platinum Level, like "Wine Press," featuring a large variety of wines. In addition to these specialty wines we feature local favorites and a full range of mixed beverages.


Chef's Corners

Guests may choose from traditional sports fare like foot long hot dogs and 1/2 pound cheeseburgers or take advantage of our special features which include grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey wraps, barbecue brisket nachos, grilled bratwurst, gourmet cookies and popcorn.

The Breakaways

The Breakaways on the Platinum Level offers a market style selection of specialty food and beverage stands. The "Taste of Italy" chefs prepare made-to-order pasta dishes, gourmet salads, pizzas and grilled panini sandwiches all made to order. At the "Texas Carvery" you can create your own burrito, taco salads, and nachos with an array of the freshest ingredients, side items and sauces. Guests are sure to enjoy the full service bar with dozens of brands of beers and mixed drinks to choose from. No reservations are needed to visit The Breakways.

Remy Martin V Bar

Introducing the Remy Martin V Bar to the Platinum level of the American Airlines Center. This high energy premium bar offers guests the opportunity to make their event CLEARLY INTERESTING with exceptionally smooth drinks made with a new Clear Spirit from the legendary House of Remy Martin. Ask for the V Sunrise, or Remy V Lemon Drop, or the LIP-CATCHING Remy V and Tonic with Lime.  Also featured at the bar are premium frozen Cointreau Margaritas, so if your guests enjoy a top-shelf Texas tradition.


The Red Bull Lounge at American Airlines Center

Located on the Platinum Level, in between the West Chef Corner and The Marche Lounge, The Red Bull Lounge offers a variety of great drinks and a good time. Designed by Joel Mozersky, this area boasts an ultra modern interior complete with geometric plastic furniture, lush fabrics and three 42 inch flat screen high-definition televisions. The Lounge features a full bar and the ability to mix your favorite Red Bull drink along with an array of cocktails and wine. It opens when Platinum Doors open, and closes when each event concludes.

El Jimador Tequila Bar

el Jimador Tequila Bar celebrates the rich history of el Jimador by transporting you to the very center of the rich agave producing region of Mexico, the village of Amatitan. Pay homage to the el jimador - the proud men who harvest the finest agave plants used for make the tequila - by ordering your favorite tequila cocktail. Guest are encouraged to try el Jimador's signature cocktail, the Authentic Jimador Paloma, a mix of el Jimador tequila and grapefruit soda. el Jimador is the number one selling Tequila in Mexico. Located on the Terrace Level outside of section 331, this full service bar is available when doors open and closes one hour after each event concludes. Guest must be 21 to enter and no beverages may be taken out of the bar area.

Dr Pepper Fan Zone

An alcohol-free zone that offers specialty Dr Pepper flavored concession items only found here. Fans can choose from a Dr Pepper Brisket Sandwich, Dr Pepper Chicken Smasher or a delicious Dr Pepper Float. This full service concession outlet offers tasty food and ice cold Dr Pepper products inside a redesigned Dr Pepper themed space. Located on the Terrace Level outside of section 306.

Dr Pepper Fan Zone is available for children's birthday parties and events. For more information: SpecialEvents@americanairlinescenter.com.


Specialty Beer Bars

Import/Craft Bars
Location: Plaza Concourse, outside of sections 109 and 111
Menu: These two bars offer a wide variety of craft and specialty beers from around the country and globe, offering everything from Lagers, to IPA’s, to Hefeweizens, Porters and American Classics.  A few of these rotating features include:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale,  Anchor Steam,  Sapporo,  Widmer Hefeweizen,  Franziskaner Weissbier,  Harpoon IPA, Brooklyn Brown Ale,  Brooklyn Lager,  Breckenridge Avalanche Ale,  Ace California Cider,  Kronenbourg 1664,  Black Butte Porter, Wells Bombardier,  Bud, and Bud Light

Blue Moon Bar
Location: Plaza Concourse, outside of section 114
Menu: This bar offers a variety of crisp, refreshing and seasonal favorites including:

Blue Moon,  Peroni,  Full Moon Winter Ale,  MGD 64,  Leinie’s Sunset Wheat , Coors Light, and Miller Lite

Texas Beers
Location: Plaza Concourse, outside of section 116
Menu: This bar keeps it close to home with a variety of the Lone Star State’s best beers.  All beers on this specialty bar are brewed in the state of Texas and include some of the following favorites:

Ziegenbock,  St Arnold’s Brown,  St Arnold’s Elissa IPA,  St Arnold’s Amber,  St Arnold’s Lawnmower,  Brewhouse Brown,  Full Moon Rye,  Rio Blanco Pale Ale,  Fireman’s 4,  Falconia Wheat, along with Bud and Bud Light.