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Public Transportation

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

We believe mass transit is a vital resource for our fans! Dallas Area Rapid Transit currently provides regular service to Victory Station at American Airlines Center via the Green Line and Orange Line. Both Lines operate regular service to Victory Station 7 days a week. For the most up-to-date schedules to/from American Airlines Center events, visit  

If you ride a Red Line or Blue Line train, simply ride to the West End Station and transfer to a Green Line or Orange Line train. Just prior to American Airlines Center events, some Red and Blue line trains go directly to Victory Station. The train’s overhead destination sign will read, “Victory Station”. If this is the case, keep your seat. You are on your way to Victory Station at American Airlines Center!

For information concerning DART service, contact DART at 214-979-1111 or visit the American Airlines Center transportation info page at Dallas Area Rapid Transit offers transportation services for guests with disabilities through the Para-transit Division. For information concerning these services, contact DART at 214-515-7272.

Trinity Railway Express (TRE)

Victory Station is a regular stop on the TRE route. For all events, take the TRE to Victory Station, next to American Airlines Center, from any station between Fort Worth’s T&P Station and Dallas’ Union Station. Please note there is no secheduled service on Sundays.

Trains service Victory Station six days a week with newly added extended service hours to both Fort Worth and Dallas. Trinity Railway Express does not offer Sunday service but may add it for special occasions.

For all Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars games that begin after 6:00 p.m., a westbound train towards Fort Worth will depart Victory Station 20 minutes after the game. Other events may also utilize this schedule and will be noted on the schedule calendar at TRE's Website

For schedule information, call DART at 214-979-1111, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority at 817-215-8600 or visit

Mavs & Stars Games

TRE will hold trains for 20 minutes after games. This does not apply to Sunday games or events as there is no scheduled service on Sundays. 

Concerts & Other Events

Please be aware of the varying TRE sechedules according to the day of the week your event takes place on:

  • Monday - Thursday: The last train leaving Union Station occurs at 10:45 pm. This last route typically arrives at AAC around approximately 10:48 pm to pick up guests.  
  • Friday:  The last train leaves Union Station going to Fort Worth at 12:15 am.
  • Saturday:  The last train leaves Union Station going to Fort Worth at 11:35pm. The last train from Union Station going to West Irving Station leaves at 12:15 am.
  • Sunday:  No TRE service. 

Bus Route 49

DART Bus Route 49 provides service to the American Airlines Center. From Rosa Parks Plaza at Elm and Lamar (near the West End Station on the Green, Blue and Red Light Rail Line), board Route 49 and ride to the Houston @ Payne bus stop. Walk across the street to the east arena entrance. After an event, board Route 49 at the bus stop on Victory Avenue adjacent to Victory Station and ride back to Lamar and Pacific. This route operates seven days a week. Visit


Guests needing to call a taxi may go to Guest Relations for assistance. Post event, taxis stage at the east side of American Airlines Center - at curb of Houston St, south of Payne St (west side of the street). There is also a taxi stand on south side of Nowitzki Way.